Have you been thinking about starting your own business and you’re not sure where to start? That’s fairly common. You have an idea, you feel ready to take on the challenge, and then you start thinking of all the questions that need answers.
• How do I start my own business?
• Where do I even start?
• Will my business work?
• What if my business fails?
• Do I have enough money to start my own business?
• Does my idea even make sense?
• How will I find customers and quality leads to build and grow my business?

Entrepreneur Mindset

My suggestion is to start by understanding that you can – and should – fail at some things, and that’s how you move forward. Every idea you have is not going to be perfect so you launch it, assess the results, make adjustments, and keeping going. There’s no reason to feel scared if you can accept this mindset and know that every step is a learning experience for you.

First Steps

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur or launching a new business in a completely new field, start by looking at your competition in that industry. You need to do thorough research on all aspects of the business you’re considering. For example: Do you need a retail space? What is the cost of rent, utilities, insurance, etc., for having that space? Do you need to buy products and have storage space for inventory? How do you go about securing the inventory and what are the requirements as far as cost, minimum orders, shipping times, etc.? What are similar items priced at in the industry and what is your profit margin after all the expenses you’ve discovered? What are you offering or doing that makes your business idea unique from those competitors?

Next Steps

Once you’ve completed your research, carefully review the financial needs of starting your business. Do you have the necessary funds or do you need to secure funds to get started? Next, you’ll want to set up your small business as an LLC or S-Corps (consult a financial or tax advisor) in order to sign the necessary business contracts (rent office/storage space, purchase business inventory/items, etc.), get the appropriate insurance, and establish a bank account.

Building Your Marketing Plan

This is where some of the fun begins after your research and the framework for your new business is in place. You should work with a professional to create your logo, business cards, website, social media, your brand, and use all of that throughout every part of your marketing plan. Your message to potential customers needs to be consistent and clear so they know what you do and how to contact you to purchase your goods or services.
While some smaller businesses may use social media as their online “store” initially, it’s important to think of your business website as your “store”. Whether you’re selling products from your store or services, a website shows potential clients you are professional and provides a level of comfort in their decision to do business with you. When considering your business costs in your initial research, a website is a key component of your business expenses.

Your Marketing Plan Should Be Unique, Like You

No business is the same, which means no marketing plan is the same. At Williams Marketing & Consulting, we understand you – Fun, Unique, and Bold. We will create a well-designed marketing plan that offers training, coaching, and individualized consulting to understand and grow your dreams. Let us help with your marketing plan that is carefully constructed to fit the needs of your business, so you can focus on what matters most. Call or text us today at (813) 951-5175 or email us: Denise@Marketing-Girl.com.
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